20 Best Fantasy Books Blogs & Websites You Should not Miss


Who does not love fantasies? All of us have a fantasy about our life and surroundings. Maybe, this is the reason why fantasy books are so popular. If you are a regular book reader. You know how much enjoyable it is to read a good fantasy book. Maybe you are the one who always visits Barnes and Noble books to find the latest fantasy books of the market.

Because of the growing popularity and huge market demands a lot of blogs and websites are publishing new and exciting fantasy books every now then. I have made this article with 20 best fantasy books blogs and websites. So that you can get the best fantasy books whenever; you are ready to read a new one.

Fantasy Book Blogs and Websites

The list consists of best fantasy books blogs and websites of the current time. These blogs and websites are chosen based on their website content, features, social media matrices, and other necessary parameters. Find the list below and get top fantasy books which you were searching for a long time.

1. SFFWorld: The Best in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

About It

SFFWorld is one of the oldest book websites. It features the best in Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. They also provide book reviews, guest posts, author interviews. And even fantasy movie and TV series review too. Moreover, they also cover all the recent news for the book reading community. They also have a very appealing forum which is a perfect place for open discussion.



Features of SFFWorld: The Best in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

1. SFFWorld The Best in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror

  • Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Books and Movie Reviews
  • Writer Interviews
  • Options for Guest Post
  • Provide 3 Posts in a Week
  • Anyone Can Make Request for a Preferred Book That Is Missing In the Site
  • Covers All the News of Book Reading Community
  • There Is an Annual Sffworld.Com Anthology

Social Matrix of “SFFWorld”

SFFWorld social matrix is pretty good. They have managed a considerable number of followers both in Facebook and Twitter with their quality content. The social score is given below;

  • Total Tweets: 9,118
  • Number of Twitter Follower: 3,280
  • Number of Facebook Followers: 1,720
  • Google+ Followers: 76

2. Best Fantasy Books

2. Best Fantasy Books 1 Guide to the Best Fantasy Books, Games, Movies and More

About It

Take a tour to any mega-bookstore. And you will be overflowed with countless fantasy fiction books. From where it is indeed hard to choose which fantasy books will suit your reading personality.

BestFantasyBooks.com is your number one online source for fantasy and science-fiction recommendations for books. Besides, it is a source of games, movies, and comics. As a matter of fact, they provide a huge number of well-organized fantasy book lists to suit EVERY fantasy a reader can taste.

The mission of the BestFantasyBooks.com is to offer a detailed overview of the best fantasy books by the genres and subgenres of all types of fantasy books. The goal for this list is all specific overview of the best fantasy books in the genre and subgenre. So that a reader can get the best fantasy book matching his personal reading preference.

The vision of the BestFantasyBooks.com is to provide reviews, links, and facts about only the best fantasy books. It also gives reviews of movies and games of the world. So that the reader, audiences, and players may have the great taste of fantasy they seek. As a matter of fact, it is a hard job as the number of actual great fantasy books is very limited.



Features of the “Best Fantasy Books”

  • Best Fantasy Books Recommendation
  • Provides All Kinds of Subgenres So That a Writer May Pick What He/She Really Wants
  • Well Managed Blogs Which Makes Around 3 Posts per Month
  • Forum for Open Discussion
  • A Good Place for User Reviews and Feedbacks

Social Matrix of the “Best Fantasy Books”

  • Total Tweets: 6,741
  • Number of Twitter Follower: 33,760
  • Number of Facebook Followers: 10,421

3. RisingShadow: Science Fiction & Fantasy Books

3. RisingShadow Science Fiction & Fantasy Books

About It

Risingshadow is an online platform focused on books. Especially science fiction and fantasy books. The website was founded by Mika Salovaara. And it is maintained by its dedicated and speculative fiction fans. This platform more like a virtual bookshelf! Along with fantasy books review, here you can also connect with other book reading communities. Besides, you can chat with other readers. And also can provide/get recommendations from others. You can read your favorite authors interview too.



Features of the “RisingShadow”

  • Offers Virtual Bookshelf for Listing and Marking All the Books That You Have Read
  • Finds Out Which Books You Own
  • Make Your Personal Ratings and Reviews
  • Connect With Other Book Readers Using the Book Reading Community
  • Chat With Other Members to Get the Best Recommendations
  • News Later To Provide Latest News about the Book Reading Community

Social Matrix of the “RisingShadow”

  • Total Tweets: 42.3K
  • Number of Twitter Follower: 1,542
  • Number of Facebook Followers: 642

4. Fantasy-Faction: Fantasy Book Reviews and Community

4. Fantasy-Faction Fantasy Book Reviews and Community

About It

Fantasy Faction is the top and World’s leading Fantasy Book community with Reviews, News, Writing Articles and Author Interviews.

In November 2010 Fantasy-Faction started its journey to encourage people to read the best fantasy books picked by the most qualified staff members and editors. The primary goal of Fantasy-Faction is to help readers find the best-suited fantasy books to rock their world using reviews and author interviews. The articles are provided here are a way of investigating how this challenged is achieved or how, as an author, you may obtain the same result.



Features of the “Fantasy-Faction”

  • World’s Leading Fantasy Book Community
  • Covers All the News about Fantasy Books and Writers throughout the World
  • Dedicated Page Covering All the News about Writing Contests
  • Dedicated Guest Blog
  • The interview’s From World’s Leading Fantasy Writers
  • Guides for New Writers and YouTube Video Makers Those Are Dedicated In Fantasy Books Writing and Reviewing
  • Forum for Open Discussion

Social Matrix of the “Fantasy-Faction”

Total Tweets: 24K

Number of Twitter Follower: 59.1K

Number of Facebook Followers: 4,507

5. Fantasy Café | Reviews of Fantasy and Science Fiction Book

5. Fantasy Café Reviews of Fantasy and Science Fiction Books

About It

Fantasy Cafe is a dedicated web platform that provides reviews and discussion on speculative fiction books of all kinds which includes fantasy, science-fiction, and young-adult speculative fiction books. The name makes the perfect sense as we drink the content of a good fantasy book when we started to enjoy it. Fantasy Café first started its new journey in 2007 from a different location. By 2013 it managed to list a review of more than 1,000 fantasy books.



Features of the “Fantasy Café”

  • Covers Books Form All Sorts of Fantasy Genres Which Include Speculative Fantasy Books to Adventurous Science-Fictions
  • Very Well-Organized Review Index
  • Makes Around 2 Posts per Week
  • Provides Amazon, LibraryThing and Goodreads Rating for Every Indexed Books Along With a Personal Rating
  • Provides Highly Elaborated and Quality Reviews Along With Popular Writer’s Interview
  • Options for Guest Post

Social Matrix of the “Fantasy Café”

  • Total Tweets: 9,978
  • Number of Twitter Follower: 5,174
  • Number of Facebook Followers: 763

6. Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist

6. Pat's Fantasy Hotlist

About It

Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist is an online platform for fantasy, science-fiction, and speculative fantasy book reviews, bestseller news, author interviews, contests, and giveaways, etc. The primary goal of this web services is to provide genuine fantasy book reviews so that readers get what they want to know before buying a fantasy book. To reach this goal, Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist has made extensive collections of books along with bestseller news and author interviews.



Features of the “Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist”

  • Very Active In Posting about Events, New Book Reviews, Bestseller News, Contests, Author Interviews, and Giveaways
  • Make Around 7 Posts per Week
  • Nice Organized Book Review Section with Authors Name and Publisher’s Name
  • Blog Archive Based On Months and Years

 Social Matrix of the “Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist”

  • Number of Twitter Follower: Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist is not yet on Twitter
  • Number of Facebook Followers: 1,042

7. Thoughts on Fantasy

7. Thoughts on Fantasy a blog about the worlds, conventions, and curiosities of fantasy fiction

About It

If you are looking for a constructive fantasy books blog, that covers all related fantasy news and publish their all related personalized posts, news and discussions, Thoughts of Fantasy are there for you. Nicola Alter is an excellent writer blogger who manages and writes on Thoughts on Fantasy. Thoughts on Fantasy came from the obsession of sharing information about the best fantasy books of all times to the fantasy lovers. It’s a blog that covers all kinds of fantasy books including paranormal, epic, romantic, dark, young adult and so many others. This blog is mostly focused on fantasy novels, but also there are discussions on fantasy films, and TV series with occasional reference to some science fiction stuffs line novels, TV series, and movies. As a blog, it is not much of a review site, but it provides more.



Features of the “Thoughts on Fantasy”

  • Excellent Blog with Amazing Contents
  • Covers All Subgenres of Fantasy Category Including Paranormal, Epic, Romantic, Dark, Young Adult
  • Personalized Blog Posts for a Book or Collection of Books
  • The Blog Is Not Limited to Fantasy Books but Also Fantasy Movies, TV Shows and Related Categories

Social Matrix of the “Thoughts on Fantasy”

  • Total Tweets: 633
  • Number of Twitter Follower: 575
  • Number of Facebook Followers: 138
  • Pinterest monthly viewer: 6,800

8. Hodderscape: Never Afraid to be Out of this World

8. Hodderscape Never Afraid to be Out of this World

About It

Hodderscape is just a website or blog; it’s a combination of both. Hodderscape is where Hodder & Stoughton’s fantasy, science fiction, and horror lovers hang out to know about their published books. You can also buy these great fantasy books right forms this website without visiting Amazon or some other places. All the books are nicely categorized and well-reviewed, so you will know what you are going to buy.

In this site, you also find news about Hodderscape books, different competitions, exclusive pieces by Hodderscape authors and lots of geeking out things.

Hodder has a century’s long tradition of publishing some of fantasy’s most mind-bending, spine-tingling books, and the Hodderscape writer list includes literary legends such as Tad Williams, Stephen King, Frank Herbert, and Robert A. Heinlein.

Wherever you wish to go and whether it is the Wild West or the mines of Mars or a sword-wielding fantasy world Hodderscape have the book to take you there.



Features of the “Hodderscape”

  • Excellent Online Platform with Blog and Web Content
  • Publish All Kinds of Fantasy Books from Legendary Writers
  • A Place to Read Review and Buy Books at the Same Time
  • Contains a Huge Collection of the Book

Social Matrix of the “Hodderscape”

  • Total Tweets: 27K (27,000)
  • Number of Twitter Follower: 13.6K (13,600)
  • Number of Facebook Followers: 4,956
  • Pinterest Followers: 921

9. Lindsay Buroker: Fantasy Author

Lindsay Buroker Fantasy Author

About It

Lindsay Buroker is an independent author who publishes fantasy and science fictions novels every year. Lindsayburoker.com is her self-publishing blog. The post frequency is about two posts per month. You will also find around two new books in every year. The blog is well-organized, and you will see the author’s review of the book as well. The incredible fact is that you can read the first few chapters of the most books from lindsayburoker.com and if you like, you can buy that one.



Features of the “Lindsay Buroker”

  • One of the Great Self-Publishing Blog
  • Consists Of Hi-Paced Sci-Fi Fantasy Novels
  • Author’s Short Description of Every Book Is Available
  • Publish Around Two New Books in Every Year
  • Before Deciding To Buy Any Book, Reader Can Read First Few Chapters Here
  • Books Are Available In Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo

Social Matrix of the “Lindsay Buroker”

  • Total Tweets: 57.1K (57,100)
  • Number of Twitter Follower: 9,582
  • Number of Facebook Followers: 8312
  • Google+ Followers: 1,051
  • Pinterest Followers: 664

10. Tim Lebbon | Horror and Dark Fantasy Author

Tim Lebbon Horror and Dark Fantasy

About It

Tim Lebbon is a British horror and dark fantasy writer. Timlebbon.net is also another self-publishing blog by the well-known-writer Tim Lebbon. The focused genre here is the fantasy, science fiction, and adventure. The collection of the books is not huge, but there are quality fantasy books there. Tim Lebbon is also written reviews of some known fantasy, sci-fi movies which also available on this web platform.  Books are also nicely organized by the genres and types. There are Novels as well as Novellas to find. For every book, there is a short description followed more than one review so that a reader will exactly know what a particular book can give him!



Features of the “Tim Lebbon”

  • Well-Organized Self-Publishing Web Platform
  • Short Description for Every Book Along With Two to Three Reviews
  • E-Book Links Are Available For Most of the Books to Buy

Social Matrix of the “Tim Lebbon”

  • Total Tweets: 12.6K (12,600)
  • Number of Twitter Follower: 5,445

11. NewInBooks / Fantasy

11. NewInBooks

About It

Every reader should spend your time reading, not searching. That’s what NewInBooks do. After successful subscriptions, NewInBooks alerts you to all the newest fantasy books in your favorite sub-genres. For more convenience, answer the Age old question, like what are you reading? And a few other necessary questions, NewInBooks finds the best new fantasy books for you and also delivers them to your inbox for free. From now you will never miss a hot newly released book forever! If you love to read books and you don’t want to miss out on the next fantasy, this is the site for you.



Features of the “NewInBooks”

  • Different Personalized Posts
  • Posts Are Categorized By Date and Time
  • Blog Posts Cover Huge Number of Fantasy Sci-Fi Authors
  • The Collection of Reviewed Books Is Huge
  • News Later For Subscribed Users
  • Personalized Alerts for Every New Publishing So That No Reader Will Miss a Single Book

Social Matrix of the “NewInBooks”

  • Total Tweets: 3,129
  • Number of Twitter Follower: 3,882
  • Number of Facebook Followers: 42,659
  • Pinterest Monthly Viewer: 43.7K (43,700)
  • Instagram Followers: 14.4K (14,400)

12. Paper & Pixels | Books

12. Paper & Pixels Books

About It

Paper & Pixels was founded in November 2017 by Claire and Rinn. Both of them were book bloggers on separate blogs for several years. Paper & Pixel was created to expand their subject matter by working together. All the posts here are about different fantasy books written by different well-known users. As Claire and Rinn also write books, they post about their books as well. It’s a general interest blog run by Rinn & Claire. That also covers books, films, video games, television shows, culture and all the geekiness we care to discuss!



Features of the “Paper & Pixels | Books”

  • A Good Place Find Reviews about Good Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Adventurous Books
  • Blog Posts Cover Not Only Fantasy Books Collections but Also Films, Video Games, Television Shows, Culture and All the Geek Stuffs
  • Year, Date and Time categorize posts
  • Covers News about Fantasy Worlds
  • Personalized Ratings Are Also Provided For Each Book

Social Matrix of the “Paper & Pixels | Books”

  • Total Tweets: 13.8K (13,800)
  • Number of Twitter Follower: 1,322
  • Number of Facebook Followers: 156

13. Grasspeople

13. Grasspeople

About It

Grasspeople is a blog that looks like a fantasy world. Grasspeople is a story that the author Allan Linder which was written in 1997. It’s a comic book fantasy story about the history of an entire race. Which is in the hands of a boy becoming a man. The story itself is not a new idea. And there are countless stories about a boy growing a man. But this one is about the people that care for their own people. As a matter of fact, The Grasspeople story arc is around five books.

Besides this story part, Grasspeople blog contains all the news of the fantasy world from the real-world story to the fantasy book worlds. This is a particular web platform that also covers all aspects of the fantasy world.



Features of the “Grasspeople”

  • Dedicated Website Covering A True Fantasy Novel Series
  • Covers the News of Whole Fantasy Worlds
  • Along With Books Fantasy Movie, Games Reviews and News Are Also Available Here
  • Real Word Fantasy News Is Nicely-Covered As Well

Social Matrix of the “Grasspeople”

  • Total Tweets: 1,389
  • Number of Twitter Follower: 2,053
  • Number of Facebook Followers: 399

14. The Emerald City Book Review by Lory / Fantasy

14. The Emerald City Book Review by Lory Fantasy

About It

The Emerald City Book Review is an eclectic book blog. It focuses on classic and literary fiction, fantasy, children’s books, and nonfiction. It is also a self-publishing blog where author Lory publishes updates about her books as well.

The frequency of a new post is at least once per week. And most posts are posted on Sundays, with sometimes occasional posts throughout the week as well. Most reviewed books here are a part of the collection of Heritage Press, Folio Society, and Limited and some Editions Club books.



Features of the “The Emerald City Book Review”

  • Very Good Number of Book Reviews with Self-Publishing Posts
  • Books Are Categorized With Year and Months
  • The Review Index Is sorted By Author, Title and Genre
  • ECBR Gems Provides the List of Best Books of the Year 2017, 2016, 2015 And 2014

Social Matrix of the “The Emerald City Book Review”

  • Number of Twitter Follower: 268
  • Number of Facebook Followers: 162

15. Sci-Fi Fan Letter

15. Sci-Fi Fan Letter

About It

At first sight, Sci-Fi Fan Letter may seem very ordinary. And you may also think there is nothing here to read. Well, despite its conventional design. Sci-Fi Fan Letter covers a huge collection of science fiction, fantasy books (more than 2500). That you might surprise if you pay deep attention to this site. The contents are also very neatly organized.

This blog is all about the reviews of Fantasy and Science Fiction novels by Jessica Strider. She is a former bookseller and avid reader. You’ll also find shout-outs to SFF books, historical tidbits, news tidbits and more here. Are you indeed looking for the best fantasy books 2017 or 2018? As a matter of fact, this blog covers it all!



Features of the “Sci-Fi Fan Letter” (H4)

  • Book Review Blog Only Focused On Fantasy and Science Fiction Books
  • Massive Number of Book Collection with More than 2500 Book Reviews
  • All Books Are Neatly Organized With Month and Year
  • Books Available From 2007 to the Current Time
  • Also Includes Author Interviews, Fantasy Movie Reviews and Recommended Lists
  • Also Enlisted In the List of “Top 100 Canadian Book Bloggers and Websites to Follow In 2018

Social Matrix of the “Sci-Fi Fan Letter”

  • Number of Twitter Follower: 128

16. Navigating Neverland: A Fantasy Book Review Blog

16. Navigating Neverland A Fantasy Book Review Blog

About It

This blog is all about fantasy books, book reviews. It is also a fantasy book buying guide and giveaways. The site is maintained, and books are reviewed by an addicted and enthusiast book reader. Who also loves to read and shares her experience by reviewing fantasy books. Although there is only one reviewer here, the number of reviewed books is not small. In fact, there are most types of fantasy books are discussed here.



Features of the “Navigating Neverland”

  • Personal Book Review Blog Consisting More Than 200 Fantasy Books Review
  • Along With Book Review There Are Fantasy Books Buying Guide, Book Ratings, All-Time Favorite Lists, and Giveaways
  • Bookish Things Include Anticipated Dealers, Book Hauls, Nebula Awards and Top 5 Wednesday
  • Books Are Reviewed By Series & Age, Author and Title

Social Matrix of the “Navigating Neverland” (H4)

  • Total Tweets: 289
  • Number of Twitter Follower: 32
  • Number of Facebook Followers: 24

17. Fantasy Books 411

17. Fantasy Books 411

About It

Dax-Skye (Daccari Buchelli) is a Fantasy Novelist. In fact, her work focuses on young adult readers. This blog site covers detail about any current and upcoming fantasy publications from different well-known authors. The site also opens for public messaging. Along with book reviewing Dax-Skye also writes Fantasy novel which you will also find here.



Features of the “Fantasy Books 411”

  • Fantasy Book Reviewing Blog Containing a Good Number of Fantasy Books
  • Also Publishes Fantasy E-Books
  • Covers All Great Fantasy Novels
  • News about Upcoming Fantasy Book Reviews

Social Matrix of the “Fantasy Books 411”

  • Total Tweets: 13,800
  • Number of Twitter Follower: 3,734
  • Number of Facebook Followers: 152
  • Instagram Followers: 1,330
  • YouTube Subscriber: 55

18. The Middle Shelf: A Scifi & Fantasy Reviews Blog

18. The Middle Shelf A Scifi & Fantasy Reviews Blog

About It

The Middle Shelf is a fantasy and science fiction books reviewing blog. It has regular reviews of different novels and stories. You will find the great, unusual and diverse speculative fantasy you were always looking for! In addition, the best thing about this blog is its simplicity. Reviewed books are sorted by the date and time of posts. So that you will find the most recent review at the very first page.



Features of the “The Middle Shelf”

  • Simple Yet Great Book Review Blog
  • Dedicated To Only Fantasy and Related Science Fiction Novels
  • Will Notify When a New Book Review Arrives If You Subscribe
  • Reviews Are Well-Organized By Genres, Author and Time

Social Matrix of the “The Middle Shelf”

  • Total Tweets: 7,186
  • Number of Twitter Follower: 597

19. Jo Fletcher Books

19. Jo Fletcher Books


About It

Jo Fletcher Books or the JFB is a part of the Quercus family. Though it’s a small but perfectly formed book list. It publishes the very best in best fantasy, science fiction, and horror. JFB authors are writing critically acclaimed and award-winning novels right across the fantastical spectrum too. Along with published books, the JFB blog also serves a great purpose by posting the reviews of fantasy, science fiction, and horror books. If you love gripping, chunky and epic fantasy, you will indeed find all here.



Features of the “Jo Fletcher Books”

  • Jo Fletcher Books Is Publisher of Great Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror Books
  • Writers List Include Critically Acclaimed and Award-Winning Writers
  • Blog for Reviewing the Entire Fantasy Masterpiece
  • Perfect Combination of a Blog and Web
  • Includes Several Reviews of Their Published Books
  • Options for Directly Buying Books

Social Matrix of the “Jo Fletcher Books”

  • Total Tweets: 13,400
  • Number of Twitter Follower: 6,998
  • Number of Facebook Followers: 1,249

20. Aderyn Wood:  Fantasy Author

20. Aderyn Wood Fantasy Author

 About the Blog / Website

Aderyn Wood is an author of fantasy fiction. Author’s books have a sense of great adventure and mystery. And also has a good twist. It is a self-publishing site where the author promotes her great fantasy works. The blog part covers the news of upcoming books. It also tells about free giveaways and other information regarding the world of her fantasy books.



Features of the “Aderyn Wood:  Fantasy Author”

  • Self-Publishing Online Platform of Fantasy Fictions
  • Preview of Every Published Book Are Available
  • First Chapter Open for All To Read
  • News Later To Get Latest Information about Upcoming Fantasy Books
  • Occasional Free Giveaways

Social Matrix of the “Aderyn Wood:  Fantasy Author”

  • Total Tweets: 7,507
  • Number of Twitter Follower: 10,600
  • Number of Facebook Followers: 207
  • Google+ Followers: 68
  • Pinterest Followers: 19

Those who love to read books, fantasy genres are indeed the most appealing and charming among all of them. For this reason, a lot of book readers search good websites and blogs to find more about the best fantasy books of all time. However, as the number of web platform is enormous. It is challenging to find the best blog/website that provides information on good fantasy books.

Because of this, I have reviewed 20 top fantasy books blog and websites in this article. As a matter of fact, I believe reading this article will be pretty helpful. If you are a fantasy book lover. Happy Reading!

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