The Ultimate Guide to Becoming A Minimalist for Better Living


“Our life is frittered away by detail…simplify, simplify.” Henry David Thoreau rightly said this in the 19th century which sounds like a contemporary idea even in today’s world. This old concept of living a minimalist life has grown wings lately in the 21st century and is trending across the US. Minimalism is particularly popular to the millennials. It refers to the way of living where an individual eliminates unnecessary things from his/her life to focus on the things that matter the most. It helps the individual attain a life of simplicity, clarity, and purpose. One will feel from financial worry if he/she succumb to the philosophy of minimalism. Read more to learn the rules of becoming a minimalist.

Becoming a minimalist is a BIG step, isn’t it? So, read this…

Maybe now you’re living in a big apartment equipped with all types of modern gadget and gears. Becoming a minimalist leaving all that comfort behind is surely a big thing. That’s why one must understand minimalism before he/she gets charmed by the beautiful lifestyle of minimalism. Because, ideas are abstract, but implementation may get inhibited for many reasons. Perhaps, you would love to know of many people welcoming the idea of minimalism. So, before taking this big step, read the following section to understand the concept meticulously.

Minimalism explained

What is minimalism? How to be a minimalist? These are the common questions asked by the readers. Well! Minimalism means going against the tide of the thirst to make huge money and wealth and build a better future. People are blindly running after a better career, better lifestyle but only a few can achieve that. And the rest are highly depressed and find themselves unworthy of keeping their lives. Minimalism is a philosophical movement against this materialistic viewpoint.

What is minimalism?

Minimalism is the freedom of living a worry-free life. It means living with only the essential items and decluttering the rest. You don’t have to fill your home and life with something that doesn’t serve a purpose. Minimalism helps us focus on personal relationships more than personal things. It is a spiritual upliftment of the soul which was seeking freedom from the trap of worldly things.

People are adopting minimalist life to get more money, time, energy, space, and focus. One will feel less stressed and depressed if he/she doesn’t have to maintain a lot of stuff and buy more things. This will allow him/her to get more freedom and flexibility with fewer things to worry about. It helps a person find the real entity of himself/herself providing the opportunity to focus on self-improvement. It allows us to get more time and space to think about who we really are and what purpose we’re serving in this world. These benefits of a minimalist lifestyle might be the reasons behind some people’s adoption of this lifestyle.

Do you really want to go minimalist?

What is your aim in life? Mine is to be happy. That’s why I admire minimalism so much. The world is undergoing financial turmoil. A large number of the population is unemployed, and the jobholders aren’t getting proper wages. Most of the people are living on tighter budgets. High levels of personal debts are causing depression to the low and middle-class people. What is the right way to emancipate yourself from all these miseries? “Minimalism” might be the answer to this question.

Moreover, minimalism refers to the less consumption of natural resources which ultimately result in the conservation of nature. A minimalist lifestyle is free from luxurious goods. This will lessen the differences and discrimination in society. People who embrace minimalism gets more time to work on personal relationships and experience more things.

Unfortunately, some people can’t conform to the minimalist way of living. Though it has many benefits, living a whole new lifestyle is really tough. You may love shopping and decorating your house. that makes you happy. But minimalism is against buying anything that’s not essential. And you live in a family, right? What if the other family members don’t find minimalism realistic? Minimalist people get rid of stuff to get rid of stress. What if your stress is unrelated to owning stuff? There might be such other reasons what may make a person demotivated to follow this form of living.

Now, put your regular lifestyle and minimalism side by side and decide if you really want to go minimalist. You have too many stuff in your home and too many clothes in your wardrobe which you don’t use or wear anymore. But these are occupying spaces both in the home and in your mind. You have to maintain, clean and organize those stuff. Even, you may have a hard time to find what you need amidst all these trifling stuff. If you were a minimalist, life would be easier and free from such stress. You would feel free and relaxed and have more time of your own to focus on the things and persons that matters the most in your life.

Be ready to say ‘bye’ to what you know of your lifestyle so far

If you have already planned to go minimalist, this is the first step to delve into the new lifestyle. You are accustomed to a lifestyle since you were born. Now, its time to forget the old one and replace that with minimalism. And to learn the new ways and form new habits you have to say ‘bye’ to what you know of your lifestyle so far.

Preparing the present ‘you’ for your future self

Prepare yourself for the upcoming future experience with minimalism. Without a strong mindset and desperation, it’s not possible to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Take mental preparation before getting rid of the extra stuff in your life. You may have habits of using too many electronic devices and wearing too many clothes. Your home may be loaded with useless furniture, papers, books, and other junks. Prepare yourself to live without these only.

Make a minimalist list of necessities and declutter anything that is unessential. Preparing yourself to live with minimal things is a must to get a sustainable minimalist lifestyle in the future.

Start with your living room

How to become a minimalist at home? Start with your living room. You must be searching for a tranquil living room without too many stuff. Well! Paint the wall with a mild color to amplify relaxation. Remove the furniture and decors that seems unfit or unnecessary.

Keep the room simple and neutral. Now, rearrange the furniture and décor that you kept in an aesthetic way so that it looks beautiful and creates more space. You can place a few planters and hang your memorable pictures in the room to get a minimalist living room with artistic value.

Then, work on your dining room and kitchen

What do we do in a dining room? We eat. Simple as that. Then, keep your dining room simple by keeping only a table and a few chairs as per your need. You can add a simple shelf to store the utensils or to enhance the beauty by displaying a handful of vases.

The kitchen is one of the most cluttered areas of the home. You must focus on it to get a minimalist home. Get rid of all the unnecessary utensils and gadgets that you haven’t used for many days. Examine the item, if you find no use of it just dispose of it without a second thought. You can remodel the entire kitchen if have the budget. Minimalist principles tend to choose a single color while painting any room. You can paint your kitchen and rack with the same color to give a unified look to the minimalist kitchen.

Focus on the bathroom

Decluttering and simplifying bathroom is important as we start and end our days in the bathroom. A messy and cluttered bathroom hinders the positive vibe of minimalism. So, it really matters to simplify the bathroom while practicing the minimalistic ways of life. Any bathroom out there has many little things scattered here and there.

Gather all these things together and detect the useful one. Then, keep these essential products in a cupboard or drawers to organize perfectly. This will allow you to have a neat and clean bathroom. Besides, everyone loves using a clean bathroom, this will make the cleaning process easier.

Work on other areas of the house

Give preference to quality over quantity. Before buying anything for home make sure that it’s a quality product. And remember that a high-quality item equals to five lesser-quality items. As minimalism is all about paring down the number of accessories, don’t buy more than you need.

Be extremely choosy about furniture. A piece of furniture occupy a lot of space, so get critical about the furniture. Simplify your wall with neutral colors. Don’t use distracting decorative. Reassess all the stuff of your home, declutter these immediately. Another handy way of getting a minimalist home is to find out the products that you have more than one in number and discard the duplicates.

Now, a very BIG part, your wardrobe

Less is more, this should be the motto when you’re decluttering the wardrobe. This is where you might make the biggest sacrifice. We like to keep our clothes closer to us even if we don’t wear them. This is a psychological fact. So, be strong to work on a minimalist wardrobe.
You have to find the stock of your inventory before streamlining the overflowing wardrobe. Find out what you have in the collection. Then, keep the clothes which you love and need to define your own style. Declutter the low-quality clothes as they will occupy the space but won’t do any good to you in the long run.
Keep only those items that you will wear more often. Clean and maintain these clothes perfectly to get prolonged service. If you don’t care for your garment, that will ultimately make you buy new clothes after a few days.

Remember your FINANCE is all you need to handle attentively

Living a happy life doesn’t necessarily depend on how much money you make, it depends on making the best use of what you have. If you can’t handle your finance attentively, it will be very tough to maintain a minimalist life.
If you spend more than you make, that will leave you in debt creating more stress and depression. This is not the aim of minimalism to live a stressful life. That’s why one should be careful while spending on foods, lifestyle expenses, mortgagee management, and other financial affairs.

At first sort out the compulsory expenses that you must bear such as water, gas, electric bill, car insurance, fuels, savings, health insurance, cellphone etc. You cant avoid these absolute expenses. Now you should focus on the resources of money and estimate the monthly amount you make. Use this money to handle all the expenses. Only buy the clothes and accessories that you need. Limit the consumption of costly food. You can sell the car to get rid of the car-related expenses. You can sell your home if it’s bigger than you need and buy a smaller one.

Socialize with people without forgetting minimalism

You can’t escape from parties, social gatherings, and special occasions being a social person. But, don’t forget that you are a minimalist. You can present clutter-free gifts on different occasions. You can make some handicrafts with inexpensive materials. Use your creativity and make some gift cards. Or you can bring some homemade foods to a party as a gift. All these gifts will show your sincerity and save your money. And don’t spend too much on event management and a food menu of the parties. Keep the staple food items excluding any unnecessary items.

Be serious about the statistics!

You may have 300,000 items in your home including the tiniest tools. Yes, statistics say that this is the average number of household items a typical home has. Surely there are a lot of unnecessary items. Get rid of them. And guess what? According to other statistics, an average person wastes 12 days per year to find the necessary things both in home and office. A minimalist way of living will reduce this time for sure.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the size of the average home has been nearly tripled in size in the last 50 years or so. A smaller house will generate less water bill, gas bill and electric bill, besides, the maintenance cost of a big house is huge.

Daily News published surprising news! Women spend 399 hours and 46 minutes to buy different things each year. A minimalist approach will save both money and time. According to NerdWallet, the average household has more than $7,000 in credit card debt. Minimalist lifestyle will save you in this regard too.

A British research has found that the average 10-year old plays only with 12 toys despite owning 238 toys. The average Americans throw away 65 pounds of clothing each year according to Huffington Post. The most shocking news is- average Americans waste $1.2 trillion annually to buy things they don’t need. Minimalist lifestyle can address these issues and solve them efficiently.


“The things you own end up owning you.” – Fight Club. This quote from the movie Fight Club defines minimalism in one line. There are other aspects of the minimalist lifestyle too. It can save the millennials from anxieties about the incapability of living a luxurious life. If one can implant this philosophy in his mind, it would be easier to live a life full of freedom and flexibility. You’ll get more with less. Declutter the nonessential things, you will get more time and space to focus on important things. But don’t indulge extreme minimalist living as it will lead you to a bohemian life. To live a minimalist life, follow the above steps to becoming a minimalist.

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