How to Treat Your Household Water to Make It Chloride Free

how to filter fluoride out of water

Fluoride has some benefits but for the unfavorable effect on our body has made it a necessity to get rid of it out of water. It has both the negative and positive fact so everyone should be careful about it. This article gives you an idea about how to filter fluoride out of water.

Ways to Remove Fluoride from Water

Tap water is the main source of taking fluoride. Consuming fluoride excessively is harmful and it causes health risks like brain damage and lower your IQ.

Fluoride is hard to remove and traditional methods like boiling water, using tap attachments or activated carbon pitchers will not give you success to remove fluoride fully from water. An effecztive process could provide you fluoride free water.

1. Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a filtration system that could remove 90% fluoride from water. This method creates force to run across through a permeable membrane which allows only molecules to go through. In the end, fluoride, other contaminants and minerals are separated and you will find pure water that is free from fluoride.

This process is expensive but you will get good results and you will find many options while installation. There are two system available- one is the countertop system and other is under sink RO system. You can install this system together with your usual faucet thus this is an easier way to get filtered water for cooking and drinking. But the negative side is the system removes useful elements from water like iron or calcium which is beneficial.

2. Distillation

Distillation is affordable and effective process to get rid of fluoride out of water. When you heat the water, water vapors arise and it need to be captured in a container. This method leaves other contaminants as well as fluoride behind. On the other side, the vapors transform into water in the container which is distilled and pure water.

This process is not so expensive so you can easily do this task at home with a distiller. You need to follow some steps when doing this job.

  • Put a pot half filled with water on the stove
  • Place a clean steel bowl within the pot and the lip should be higher than the water line.
  • Place the hollow lid upside down over your pot.
  • Cover the lid with ice pack.
  • Boil the water and when vapors arise, it run towards the lid and the vapors becomes water droplets and drip into the bowl.
  • Continue this process until you get your desired amount of distilled water.

3. Activated alumina

Nowadays, the common way to get pure water is the filtration process of activated alumina that could remove 98% of fluoride from water. Activated alumina attracts fluoride as well as other contaminants. Fluoride is absorbed by it that helps to separate pure and fluoride-free water.

The rate of the water flow should be suitable for the absorption and if the water flows faster, there would not be sufficient time for absorption. Moreover, you need to replace or recharge the activated alumina because it is less than the amount of fluoride in the water.

4. Bone char carbon

This is the oldest method that is used to take out fluoride from water. Filter cartridges are the another form of bone char carbon which could remove 99% of contaminants from water.

Bone char is made of animal’s bone and these bones are heated in 1292 degree Fahrenheit because high heat increases the ability of absorption. So, it is better to avoid this method for a vegan.

The effectiveness of bone char carbon and activated alumina is same and low pH level like 5-6 is good for this process. Water filter cartridges should be replaced once in a week.

5. Water filter pitcher

The easiest method of removing fluoride from water is the fluoride water filter pitcher. This is the most popular system because it’s easy to use and there is no installation process. You need to fill up the pitcher with water and place it in your refrigerator.

These filters have three setups and they are- the reservoir, pitcher and filter. at first, water get into the reservoir. After passing through filter, the pure water goes to the pitcher. But the filter gets congested with accumulated contaminant; so, you need to replace the filter.

6. Deionizer

Deionization is the effective method to remove salt and minerals present in water. You have to add ion exchange resin to take away fluoride. This system not only remove fluoride from water but also take away other harmful elements and softens hard water.

Before purchasing a brand-new water filter, you should check that the filter has an ion exchange resin. This system is different from RO system but it is better than RO system as it uses less energy.

7. Solar stills

This process is similar to water distillation system. You will need a plastic container and a plastic bag for doing this. Fill the container with water and cover it with a plastic bag. Keep it in the sun until the water vapors arise. Collect the liquid of the plastic bag in a reservoir. But this process is not effective as other process because the heat of the sun depends on the environment.

Side Effects of Fluoride Water

  • Skeletal fluorosis
  • Dental fluorosis
  • Endocrine disruption
  • Thyroid disease
  • Cancer
  • Low fertility
  • Damage brain
  • Gastrointestinal problems

Fluoride has some benefits like it is good for the teeth but taking fluoride in an excess amount could be poisonous for you. You need to adopt necessary steps to get rid of this problem and create consciousness among everyone about the side effects of consuming fluoride water.

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