Pick the Right Outdoor Cycling Bike

outdoor cycling bike

Cycling is a low-impact exercise that offers many health benefits. People engage in two types of cycling- indoor and outdoor cycling. Indoor cycling is ideal in a gym setting. When the weather is bad, it allows people to continue their cycling exercise. However, honestly speaking, indoor cycling is not an attractive activity. People don’t enjoy cycling much in a dark confined space.

In this respect, outdoor cycling is far more attractive. And of course, beneficial to health too. If you plan to incorporate cycling in your daily workout routine, you need to pick the right model of outdoor cycling bike. In this article, we will discuss different types of cycling bikes. Reading the post will help you to determine which type of bike would be suitable for you.

We Can Divide the Bike Buying Process Into Three Steps. These Are as Follows

1.Bike Type

Bikes come in many different types. So, the first thing you need to determine is what type of bike you want to ride. We will discuss this topic a little later.


It depends on the components of a bike. Different components of a bike like a frame, handlebars, wheels, brakes have good impacts on the performance of a bike. These components also determine how durable a bike will be. But, good quality components are also closely related to the price of the bike. If you are ready to spend more money, you will get a good quality bike. It is that simple.


Bikes come in many different sizes. Make sure that the frame of the bike matches your height for a comfortable ride.

 4.Types of bikes

The type of bike you will choose mainly depends on where you will ride. Is it on streets, bike paths, or unpaved roads? Let us know different types of bikes

5.Electric bikes

Electric bikes will allow you riding on different surfaces including in hilly areas with less effort. They give you better speed. But, they come with a higher price tag. If you want to know more about .e-bikes, visit here

6.Road bikes

These are multi-purpose bikes. They are suitable for fitness riding, racing, touring, commuting, and event rides. Riding these bikes require riders to bend forward which puts them in a better aerodynamic position.

Road bikes also come in the following types

1.Endurance bikes

Endurance bikes are suitable for traveling long distances. They have slightly wider tires and these tires have good traction ability making the bike ideal for riding on different surfaces- flat or uneven. You can ride these bikes even the tires have low pressure.

2.Gravel bikes

Most cycle buyers want to purchase multi-surface bikes. It is because the riding surfaces will always not be the same. In this regard, gravel bikes are good multi-surface bikes. They withstand the roughness of the road whether it is made of asphalt or filled with gravel.

3.Touring bikes

Touring bikes are packed with many gears. They have a sturdy frame to accommodate multiple gears. They feature several attachment points in the frame to attach water bottles, pump, and lights.

4.Performance bikes

Performance bikes are ideal for riding on flat surfaces. If you want to participate in a group riding event, purchasing a performance bike would be a good choice.

5.Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes are robustly built bikes.  They have high shock-absorbing features and can take care of dirt, bumps, rocks on the road. Mountain bikes have fewer gears than road bikes but are suitable for riding up steep terrain.

Mountain bikes have also two variations

1.Cross country bikes

These are lightweight bikes. They have both good speed and climbing power. They are a good choice if you want to ride bikes for fitness. The participants of cycle race competition use cross country bikes.

2.Trail bikes

For people who want to get the taste of mountain bikes for the first time, these bikes are ideal for them. If you want to enjoy cycling excursions with a group of friends, trail bikes would be a good choice for you.

3.All-mountain bikes

These bikes are all-rounder type bikes. They are capable of handling all types of terrains.

4.Fat bikes

These bikes are easily recognizable because of their oversize tires. Tires of these bikes have good traction ability making them ideal for riding on sand or snow. They are another type of bike which are suitable for all types of terrain

5.Hybrid bikes

If you want a bike that can take care of streets as well as some uneven terrains, purchasing a hybrid bike would be the right choice for you. Since riding these bikes are required to keep the rider’s body more upright than road bikes, these bikes are also called fitness bikes.

6.Cruiser bikes

If you want to enjoy a leisurely ride around your neighborhood, nothing is as good as a cruiser bike. The noticeable features of cruiser bikes are wider tires with good traction ability and relaxing seating arrangement.

7.Cargo bikes

Cargo bikes are like the bike version of recreational vans or RVs. They are ideal for roaming and transporting kids.

8.Folding bikes

These bikes are lightweight and strong. They are foldable which means easy to carry. Travelers can easily carry them when going from one country to another.


Outdoor cycling is a refreshing experience. It burns out calories and keeps many diseases at bay. To live a healthy life, you need to grow habit of outdoor cycling.

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