Price Scope: An In-Depth Review with 15 Top Diamond Blogs & Websites

price scope

Pricescope is the premier diamond and jewelry online community. This is one of the most successful, reliable, unprejudiced and independent resources for diamond related information. Visitors of Price Scope discovers concise and clear lessons from industry experts and have their questions appropriately answered by well-informed and impartial members of the forum.

The majority of the visitors visit their websites and forums to learn more about diamonds and other pieces of jewelry, and most of them apply their diamond knowledge gained from this forum by purchasing diamonds from brick and mortar shops (real-world shops). Pricescope promises to assist their consumers and visitors in getting only the best value in-store as well as online, without any kind of product selling. They strictly don’t sell any jewelry via their website. And they regularly maintain security and spam-free environment on their site so that people can use the forum being completely worry-free.

Pricescope offers an incredibly active and knowledge-rich yet cordial platform for their diamond enthusiasts visitors to ensure the opportunity of posting their opinions, making comments on other’s post and write neutral and authentic reviews of various vendors. It’s an excellent platform for like-minded people who have the same interest in diamonds and jewelry. And most of the members are up to date with the latest news from the jewelry world so, you’d never get bor

Price Scope Forum

Price Scope Forum

The website offers a great discussion forum for Diamond, Gemstones, and Jewelry. Visitors read existing members’ post and comments, and discussion. Registered members can chat and ask questions about diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry, with added forums specially for brides, relationship proposal and potential engagement discussion, and even a family planning area.

One of the most important thread in the forum is the Show Me the Bling forum; a showcase consists of the pictures of newly bought jewelry. Members posts the pictures of their latest purchases there, to show off their precious items to other members and visitors.

Simply put, Pricescope’s forums include the enthusiastic and helpful community of diamond and jewelry enthusiasts who assist new visitors and members to evaluate potential diamond and jewelry purchases in addition to a variety of other topics. The forums are carefully monitored for spam, and the site contains very few ads, so people can give their valuable feedback about diamond vendors and freely discuss their potential purchases without any disruption.

Anyone can register and post on the forum asking even some fundamental questions, such as: “can you please suggest me a good diamond for my budget?” Or, “Is this a good or bad diamond quality? If bad, can you please explain the reasons?” Etc. The quick response time and the informative answers may surprise you.

Also, they have the liberty to discourse a series of issues from diamonds buying guide to shopping practices at renowned jewelry brand and local jewelry shops.

Principle Features Offered by Price Scope forum

  • Powerful search engine to compare prices of 350,000+ diamonds from different vendors
  • Access to smart tools like Holloway Cut Adviser for free.
  • Can check the current market price of jewelry
  • Members can live chat 24/7 with other members
  • Free of cost and hassle-free signup to the forum
  • Spam-free browsing experience with minimal ad
  • Honest, well-informed, and unbiased forum
  • Blogs and articles on diamond and jewelry education
  • Dedicated and specific thread for different stones
  • Ensures online-safety

They have almost 80 thousand registered users and more than 400 thousand unique visitors on their website as well as forum each month.

Pricescope Helps Their Visitors to Save Money

Pricescope tries to educate the visitors about the significance of the cut of a diamond. When a diamond is cut to specific proportions accurately, it usually looks many sparklers and brighter than those that are poorly cut. By focusing on well-cut stones consumers learn to save money, they learn about the mesmerizing aspect, features, and properties of diamonds as well.

Pricescope Makes It Easier for You

Buying an expensive diamond can be a very tricky job for an average person. But with Pricescope, diamond buying now became a lot less challenging task for any type of buyer, and it makes shopping for diamonds comfortable, safer and fun.

Types of visitors at Pricescope

Buyers and visitors typically visit Pricescope with questions in their mind about all the things related to jewelry, especially diamonds. Several types of visitors come here to satisfy their curious mind, like men and women who are looking for engagement and wedding rings or diamond information, jewelry fans, antique jewelry collectors, brides discussing wedding details like what jewelry they should wear at the wedding, and trade members discussing the latest trend or new innovation in diamond cut. Pricescope serves each and every one of them in a lively manner.

More About Using Pricescope

Pricescope is separated into five major categories to help people get through their diamond and jewelry related inquiries. Those are:

Jewelry Education

Their tutorials and diamond & jewelry guides provide with the useful lesson from the basics to advanced information for diamond enthusiasts and traders. Apart from the tutorials, they have a journal with lots of published articles from experienced and conversant trade members and also blogs, which cover a variety of diamond and jewelry related write-ups.

Diamond, Gemstones, and Jewelry Forums

(I have already discussed it above)

Find Diamonds and Compare Diamond Prices

Pricescope’s diamond search lets consumers compare diamond prices from a database of over 350,000 diamonds from reputable online and brick and mortar vendors.

Diamond Resources and Tools

No matter if you are looking for a local jeweler, a jewelry designer appraiser or you need the latest tool to get you to find the best cut diamonds, the resource center has it all what you exactly need.

Diamond and Jewelry Gallery

Enjoy an exclusive gallery with high-quality pictures of all types of jewelry from engagement rings to great pictures of loose diamonds and colored gemstones.

Price Scope Pearl

Price Scope Pearl

In an attempt to address the burgeoning demand of the Price Scope community to discuss about pearls, they have recently opened up another special forum which is dedicated as a place for the discussion of pearls only. Meaning only pearl related questions and discussion is allowed here.

Price Scope HCA (The Holloway Cut Adviser)

Price Scope HCA

The Holloway Cut Adviser (U.S. Patent 7,251,619) is a rejection tool to help you narrow your search for only round shaped diamonds potential Light Return, Fire, Scintillation and Spread based (only) on the proportion information from a grading report. HCA does not use symmetry, polish and minor facets info.

Scores of 0-1 are usually not best for rings. Most people prefer stones that score 1-2, or even top Hearts & Arrows symmetry stones up to 3.0. Zero is almost impossible since many performances factors conflict.

This tool was invented by Garry Holloway FGAA, DipDT, a JAA Appraiser from Australia. He left his career in geology and established his own diamond business what was awarded “Melbourne Diamond Design Award” named Precious Metals in 1976. In 1984, he studied the Fire Scope™ as he was pursuing his Diamond Diploma under the Gemological Association of Australia. This study and degree led him to the lengthy as well as passionate interest in the world of diamond-cut.

In 1998, once Garry has published his ‘brilliance’ report, his passion turned into a battle for improving the cut quality of all kinds of diamonds. In order to do it quickly and easily, he then created the patent-pending HCA system, named after his own name, in 2000 and introduced a portable Ideal-Scope in 2001. HCA has been widely adopted to measure the cut quality of diamonds around the world ever since. It was checked for more than a billion dollars’ worth of diamonds in its first year alone. Garry’s Diamond-Cut consultancy has strong coalitions with top international diamond resellers, websites, and researchers.

You can check your diamond’s cut quality from their website for free (only 3 times). Please note: Crown % and Pavilion %’s are less accurate than angles.

Brief Information at A Glance

The website features an extensive diamond guide at your ease, the topic includes there, are: Diamond Carat Weight, Diamond Clarity, Diamond Cut, Diamond Color, Diamond Buying Tips and some additional as well as beyond the basics. It’s more likely a complete knowledge-base for diamonds. is the leading diamond and jewelry online forum in the world. If you want to compare diamond prices, learn more about diamonds through blogs and tutorials crafted by industry experts, and chat with members about all the things related to diamonds and jewelry, then there is no best place for you except this website. endeavors to support consumers get the best quality diamonds and jewelry for the best price. Their forum is probably the most resourced and active diamond related forum in the world, but keep in mind that you have to be a registered member (which is absolutely free), if you want to participate in the forum.

Social Metrics of

Not only just forums, but is also broadly popular across the social networking media too. I have mentioned the total fan and follower/post number below (as of today):

Top 15 Diamond Blogs & Websites

Here are some other diamond and jewelry related blogs (with a short review and summary) for you.

1. Ritani


With one of the biggest jewelry vendors in the country, located in New York & Seattle, Ritani is a luxury and trendy jewelry brand, revolutionizing the way customers buy diamond rings and jewelry. From the latest diamond jewelry fashions to the most stunning celebrity engagement ring styles, Ritani will get you to discover your impeccably sparkling appearance. They have more than 1.2 million fans on their Facebook page. The Frequency of their new blog is four post per week on average.

2. Adiamor


Situated in Los Angeles, USA, Adiamor has been online since 1998, but their glorious history and contribution in the jewelry industry began much earlier than this. Visit their website and read the blogs to find more about the spectacular certified loose diamonds, and beautifully handcrafted jewelry. They have about 650K fans on their Facebook page. The Frequency of their new blog is 1 post per week on average.

3. Gia


Found in Carlsbad, Canada, GIA is the most respected, largest, and nonprofit source of gemological knowledge in the world. GIA’s targets are to make sure the public keep their trust in gems and jewelry by maintaining the maximum standards of veracity, academics, science, and professionalism through education and research and laboratory services and apparatus development. They have about 215K fans on their Facebook page. The Frequency of their new blog is 3 post per month on average.

4. Brilliance


Based in Boynton Beach, Florida, Brilliance gathers helpful information on diamonds, engagement rings, and fine jewelry and sells them aristocratically. Learn about jewelry trends, gems and birthstones, and diamond grading by visiting their blogs and websites. They have about half a million fans on their Facebook page. The Frequency of their new blog is 2 post per week on average.

5. Charleston Alexander


Since 1987, the CA family has the core expertise in importing the finest, coolest, latest, whitest and most dazzling loose diamonds from around the world each with a GIA grading statement as well as Custom created engagement rings, ladies diamonds bands and gentleman’s bands. They are located in Falls Church, VA. They have about 15K fans on their Facebook page. The Frequency of their new blog is 1 post per month on average.

6. Thediamondstore


This is the UK’s top leading, award-winning online diamond jeweler retailer. They designed their website to guide you through the sea of diamond and jewelry related information and blog posts, and to the most appropriate jewelry for your budget without any compromise and to make your special event more exclusive and memorable. They have about 200K fans on their Facebook page. The Frequency of their new blog is 4 post per month on average.

7. PurelyDiamonds


Purely Diamond is based in Hatton Garden, London, England. They offer over 40 years of legacy in crafting & designing gorgeous diamond & gemstone jewelry. They sell exclusive products that people cherish to have.
Purely Diamond has about 13K fans on their Facebook page. The Frequency of their new blog is 2 post per month on average.

8. Sylvie


Located in Dallas, Texas, Sylvie Collection is founded by a smart woman for another smart woman. Sylvie creates every diamond engagement ring with the highest standards of craftsmanship, detail & quality. They have about 300K fans on their Facebook page. The Frequency of their new blog is 8 post per month on average.

9. The Leo Diamond

the leo diamond

The Leo Diamond is manufactured by one of the world’s best manufacturers of polished diamonds, Leo Schachter Diamonds. They have about 135K fans on their Facebook page. The Frequency of their new blog is 2 post per month on average.

10. Buchroeder


The biggest and foremost diamond supplier in Mid Missouri is Buchroeders. It has an extensive collection of diamonds. They have about 15K fans on their Facebook page. The Frequency of their new blog is 12 post per month on average.

11. Voltar


With its branches in Dublin & London, Voltaire Diamonds is an Irish owned company. They specialize in Wedding/ Engagement Rings. Find more information that meets all your needs regarding diamonds on their blogs and website. They have about 75K fans on their Facebook page. The Frequency of their new blog is 2 post per month on average.

12. Viran

Virani is one of the largest and most famous diamond shops in India. Apparently, they love diamond jewelry, and they have 50 years of experience. So, the expertise has allowed them to achieve exponential growth over the past decades. They have about 350K fans on their Facebook page. The Frequency of their new blog is 1 post per month on average.

13. Loyes


Loyes Diamonds is based on Dublin, Ireland. It has experience for over a decade in working with prominent jewelers in the United Kingdom. Having been associated with UK GIA, they can offer you the best possible advice on diamonds and luxurious jewelry. They have about 15K fans on their Facebook page. To sum up, the Frequency of their new blog is 1 post per month on average.

14. Serendipity Diamonds


Based in Isle of Wight, a sunny Island in England, Serendipity Diamonds is a great jewelry specialist indeed. It sells a broad range of diamond jewelry including engagement rings, wedding rings, and gorgeous diamond pendants. They have about 35K fans on their Facebook page. The Frequency of their new blog is 8 post per month on average.

15. Lauren B

Lauren B

Based in New York, NY, Lauren B is a very trusted local jeweler focusing on a wide variety of jewelry indeed. Most popular versions include custom and finely tailored jewelry, diamond rings, earrings, certified diamonds, etc. Also, there are pendants, bracelets, pins and engagement rings in NYC. They have about 25K fans on their Facebook page. As a matter of fact, the Frequency of their new blog is 8 post per month on average.

Finally, I firmly hope that my brief review of these diamond blogs has provided enough insights to meet your curiosity for diamond.

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