Baby Feeding Bowl Gyro Bowl 360 Degree Rotation Spill Resistant Feeding Dishes for Baby Training Children Spill-Proof


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  • Classification: Bowl
  • Function: Bowl
  • Material: plastic
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Age Group: BABIES
  • Type: Dinnerware

Flying Saucer Bowl

Product Parameters

Product material: Rco-Friendly PP
Product weight: 200g
External Size: 17*17cm
Bowl width: 10cm
Bowl height: 7cm

Happy Childhood Little Flying Saucer Kids Rice Bowl

Safe and non-toxic
High-temperature and heat-resistant
Cute modeling
Sturdy and durable
High quality PP
Swivel design
Quality assurance(QA)

Eating is so much fun! Spinning UFO Tableware

Children love their own tableware cute littlef lying saucer tableware can help your baby to hold the main food or snacks, quickly send your baby a set of small flying saucer tableware!

Deatils of goods

Safety and environmental protection PP material
Sturdy and durable new PP material, safe for cleaning in the dishwasher, BPA-free.

Removable design
Flying saucer bowl removable design, mom is more convenient when cleaning!

Rounded corners don’t hurt your hands
Unique rounded corners design, the baby in the use of the time will not be bruised, more protective of the baby’s small hands.

Guaranteed quality

PP grade for food contact
This product is made of high-quality PP material exquisite and become, non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly and hygienic to the beloved children installed bento also do not have to worry about, and some unscrupulous businessmen in the market using recycled plastic and the system, endangering the physical and mental health of human beings!

Spinning doesn’t drop the food
This product adopts gyroscopic rotary design, 360 *to take the use of food does not fall, especially suitable for the baby to use alone, the mother more assured!

When a mom sees her baby eating

It’s almost impossible to look at this scenestraight on, it’s going to fall apart.

3 Major Features

Safe and non-toxic
The whole is made of food-grande PP material, the bowl body is molded in one piece, smooth and bright non-toxic and tasteless, so that the baby can rest assured that the use of.

Gyro Modeling
The design of the picks using gyro creativity, 360 can be rotated, the baby to use more convenient, not when you can play as a toy!

Dual Auxiliary handles
High-Quality PP non-slip handrail, close to the baby’s small hands artificial learning design, better assist the baby to eat and drink.


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