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Sailing Anarchy is a website about sailing publications. It is precisely what the name suggests, a site about sailing. They publish reviews, descriptions, photos, and discussions of sailing and related subjects yet generally just sailing. It additionally happens to be a significant very much regarded information source about sailing accessories.

The website can indeed be described as a news website devoted to everything sailing related. They cover the topics, ideas and, critiques about sailing that have never been written about before. If you have a passion for sailing and boats it is in fact, the authoritative news source for you.

About ‘Sailing Anarchy’

Sailing anarchy

The site has been giving information on the most recent sailing events for many years. Currently, accessible sailing websites and publications are frequently loaded up with stories that are something not as much as smart. Gracious beyond any doubt you can read from some master on the best way to win each race that you’ve at any point entered, yet the genuine tales about individuals and occasions in this game are either disregarded or whitewashed. At the point when was the last time, you read an Editorial that didn’t put you to sleep? As a matter of fact, many boat reviews are just politically rectified turn to guarantee the publicizing income isn’t harmed. It’s an ideal opportunity to change all that. They will show points, thoughts and, investigates that have never been composed about.

However, maybe, in particular, it has a message board where hearty discussions are encouraged. If you have an inquiry regarding anything in a review, Q&A, or a roundtable put it up on the Message Board and they will get it followed up.

Mission and vision of ‘Sailing Anarchy’

As depicted earlier everything about the site or their mission and vision can easily be implied by their name. The name says it all. They are the site all about sailing. Besides, the staffs of the site share a vivid passion for the game. In addition, they write reviews about boats without any biased point of view. They inform their readers about the recent sailing events. It also brings up the story and individuals about those events.

So, being the legitimate news source about sailing is the ultimate mission and vision of the sailing anarchy.

How ‘Sailing Anarchy’ functions

This site sailing anarchy is being created for the love of the game, not as a feature of some absurd website system, or a ‘gee isn’t our game of yachting so brilliant’ reasoning. It is a discussion board for industry insiders and racing sailors to trade thoughts. Sailing anarchy will be ceaselessly investigating subjects that premium us. And we’ll be looking to the message board for the themes that interest you too. Besides, they support your cooperation here at sailing anarchy. Where else would you say you will have this much opportunity to state what you need? All things considered, that is at last what sailing anarchy is about, and they serve their readers.

Brief information at a glance about ‘Sailing Anarchy’

Sailing anarchy site has many sections. In the news section, you will get the recent news about sailing. You will get know the reviews about boats and sailing accessories in the review section. In the section sailing anarchy classifieds, you will get categorized reviews and articles on boats and accessories.

The ‘Sailing Anarchy’ on social media

Sailing and boat lovers can find the sailing anarchy on all of the major social media sites. They have put their feet on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Readers can get the latest update of the news and reviews of the firearm blog in those social media sites.

Top sailing blogs and websites

Sailing blog

Individuals turn out to be so captivated by sailing since it gives them this specific sort of enthusiasm. It satisfies their hunger for the ocean and some experience particularly amid summer time.

Regardless of whether you are still a novice or as of now a master at your most loved water sport, there’s no denying that there will dependably be new things to find out about the diverse apparatuses and games wear. Additionally, there will dependably be an opportunity to get better that is the reason it’s vital always to provoke yourself to open another aptitude or dominance level. If you need to share your energy for sailing to other addicts of the game far and close, reading a blog or website about sailing can be your next experience.

You’re inclined to drowning in the web while searching for the best websites on sailing. What’s more, that is the reason we have arranged a lifeline of a rundown highlighting the best sailing blogs and websites at the present time. One method for gaining from the geniuses is to watch. Proceed! Look at them, and you will know why they have made it on the rundown.

Sailing Worl

Sailing world

Sailing World is your go-to site and magazine for sailing related information. They publish sail racing news, regatta plans, best sailboat reviews, sailing gear reviews, and many other things.

Sailing world at a glance
  • Website frequency: About three posts per week.
  • Website:
  • Social media metrics: Facebook fans-188, 501, Twitter followers- 34,218

Reddit ! Sailing

reddit sailing

At Reddit, if you want to talk about sailing the ‘Reddit! Sailing’ is the place to get some information about sailing. You can share, show, and appreciate about sailing, sailing race, and technical discussions from Reddit.

Reddit! Sailing at a glance-

  • Website frequency: About fifty-six posts per week.
  • Website:
  • Social media metrics: Facebook fans-1,073,934, Twitter followers- 461,886

Google News ! Sailing

google news sailing

Far-reaching forward news inclusion on sailing, accumulated from sources everywhere throughout the world by Google News.

Google News! Sailing at a glance-

  • Website frequency: About eighty-four posts per week.
  • Website:
  • Social media metrics: Facebook fans-21,770,045, Twitter followers- 212,780

Scuttlebutt Sailing News

Scuttlebutt sailing

It gives real sailing news, analysis, assessments, highlights and dock converse with a North American core interest.

Scuttlebutt Sailing News at a glance-

  • Website frequency: About fifty-six posts per week.
  • Website:
  • Social media metrics: Facebook fans-50,100, Twitter followers- 18,769


sail-world sailing

Sail-World is the world’s biggest sailing news platform. It publishes sail and sailing, cruising, and boating news.

Sail-world at a glance-

  • Website frequency: About one-sixty-eight posts per week.
  • Website:
  • Social media metrics: Facebook fans-3,779, Twitter followers-20,153

SAIL Magazine

SAIL mirrors the way dynamic; submitted mariners invest their energy in the water with stories on waterfront sailing, the technical parts of sailing, new vessel inclusion, discussions, watercraft updates, gears, and many other things.

SAIL Magazine at a glance-

  • Website frequency: About six posts per week.
  • Website:
  • Social media metrics: Facebook fans-54,434, Twitter followers- N/A

Yachting Monthly

Yachting monthly

It publishes sailing news, blogs, boat and gear reviews for sailing lovers.

Yachting Monthly at a glance-

  • Website frequency: About four posts per week.
  • Website:
  • Social media metrics: Facebook fans-5,651, Twitter followers- 257



This Sailing Blog is stuffed with many sailing tips, recommendations, and tricks. In addition, NauticEd is an international sailing school utilizing progressed intuitive eLearning sailing courses.

NauticEd at a glance-

  • Website frequency: About one post per week.
  • Website:
  • Social media metrics: Facebook fans-5,651, Twitter followers- 257

Sailing Europe Blog

Sailingeurope gives best deals of bareboat or skippered yacht charter. Besides, they provide an extensive offer of sailing yachts, sailboats, motor, and luxury yachts. Pursue this blog to discover yacht charter tips and tricks; find best marinas, sights, and eateries in mainstream sailing destinations; read our reviews of yachts, gears, and sailing applications.

Sailing Europe at a glance-

  • Website frequency: About one post per week.
  • Website:
  • Social media metrics: Facebook fans-95,148, Twitter followers- 8,168

Catamaran Racing

catamaran racing

This is a site about sailing race news and design.

Catamaran Racing at a glance-

  • Website frequency: About eight posts per week.
  • Website:
  • Social media metrics: Facebook fans-9,932, Twitter followers-1,704



The motorboat and Sailing Blog highlighting sailing culture. They also talk about destinations, sailing tips, boats. In addition, you will find about travel writers and bloggers and more are there in ZizooBoats.

ZizooBoats at a glance-

  • Website frequency: About three posts per month.
  • Website:
  • Social media metrics: Facebook fans-40,657, Twitter followers-1,943

XS sailing

XS sailing

XS Sailing is about elite sailing. Day by day one-stop site for sailing news and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. First and foremost, XSracing was shaped to advance, grow and bind together the dashing of multihulls and sports boats.

XS sailing at a glance-

  • Website frequency: About eighty-four posts per week.
  • Website:
  • Social media metrics: Facebook fans-376, Twitter followers-170

Sailing Today

Sailing today y

Sailing Today is the magazine for hands-on cruising mariners whose affection for cruising takes them around the British Isles, over the Channel and past. It offers an abundance of handy exhortation. Besides, it gives a dynamic blend of inside and out pontoon, gear, and hardware news. Sailing Today is composed of cover to cover by mariners, for mariners indeed.

Sailing Today at a glance-

  • Website frequency: About two posts per week.
  • Website:
  • Social media metrics: Facebook fans-3,566, Twitter followers-3,760

Sailing Totem

sailinh totem

This site is created by Behan is about her movement stories around the globe through sailing totem. In addition, it includes her cruising life, experiences. It offers her insight about sailing too.

Sailing Totem at a glance-

  • Website frequency: About one post per week.
  • Website:
  • Social media metrics: Facebook fans-10,687, Twitter followers-2,868

The Telegraph ! Sailing

The Telegraph

The Telegraph! Sailing publishes the top stories about sailing, sailing galleries. Besides, they publish the latest news from all over the world from the Telegraph.

The Telegraph! Sailing at a glance-

  • Website frequency: About one post per month.
  • Website:
  • Social media metrics: Facebook fans-952, Twitter followers-1,295

On the whole, as you can notice, sailing blog & website space is growing at a great space. They can serve the passionate sailing lovers with the latest news, reviews, and updates. As a matter of fact, sailing anarchy is one of the best in that territory. They are indeed all about sailing. Because of this, they have already placed themselves in a position of the sailing blog and website lists.

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