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The Firearm blog is a blog for firearm users and lovers. This popular blog is precisely what the name suggests, a blog about firearms or guns. It publishes reviews, descriptions, photos, and discussions of guns and related subjects yet generally just firearms. It additionally happens to be a significant very much regarded gun source that isn’t one-sided towards any political spectrum.

The Firearm Blog or, TFB can be described as a news website devoted to everything guns related. TFB covers the best stories in the firearm business every day. If you have a passion for firearms like Ar-15s, AK carbines, skeet shotguns, self-defense pistols, or hunting rifles and has a thirst to know about the firearm companies, then the firearm blog or, TFB is the authoritative news source for you.

The Firearm blog

The Firearm blog or, TFB has been giving information on the most recent firearm, hunting, military, and defense news for over ten years. The firearm blog happens to be the first English language publication or website to break the news about consumer firearms and small military arms. They frequently bring the breaking news of the firearm industry and newly released guns to their readers.

Mission and vision of ‘The Firearm blog’

As depicted earlier everything about the blog or their mission and vision can easily be implied by their name. The name says it all. They are the firearm blog. The staffs of the firearm blog share a vivid passion for firearms and are from different backgrounds. They write reviews about firearms without any political liaison. They inform their readers about the global firearm industry and what is recently going on inside those industries.

So, being the legitimate news source about firearms is the ultimate mission and vision of the firearm blog.

The firearm blog claims to be an apolitical site. However, it is understandable that a blog about firearms is probably in favor of widespread gun ownership. TFB has stated on their site that they are devoted to just covering news identified with firearms, and in light of the fact that they genuinely need this website to speak to an overall audience, TFB will center around guns and shooting instead of nation’s particular legislative issues.

How ‘The Firearm Blog’ functions

As we all know that a blog is not a good research source. There is no formal qualification to write reviews in the blog sites. But, TFB or the firearm blog has a team of staff who are from a diverse background, and they share a passion for firearms. TFB regularly maintain links or connections with the other source of this field.

Another important and prominent feature of the firearm blog is that they are very responsive and accessible. You can most likely email the authors of TFB about good places to look, and they will get back to you.

The firearm blog provides its reader with breaking and daily news about consumer firearm, small military arm, and the firearm industry. If anything comes in the gun market, TFB would be your first source of information.

They also publish or write reviews on firearm and gears like pistols, rifles, AR 15, AK fraternity, shotguns, suppressors, optics, ammunition, knives, and shooting accessories.

All the things considered the firearm blog is definitely a good general source of information for firearm enthusiasts.

Brief information at a glance about ‘The Firearm Blog’

The firearm blog started its journey in 2007, and it was acquired by the in October 2012.

The Firearm Blog on social media

Firearm lovers can find the firearm blog on all of the major social media sites. They have put their feet on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Readers can get the latest update of the news and reviews of the firearm blog in those social media sites.

TFB Tv on YouTube

TFB Tv is the official youtube channel of the firearm blog. They make and post videos about both vintage and the most recent rifles, guns, automatic weapons, suppressors, NFA gear, ammo, and firearm accessories. If you are a passionate lover of guns like MP5s, 1911s, modern pistols, Mausers, AR-15s, AKs, or military guns from the past, you will most likely have something here in TFB Tv.

They also attempt to bust basic legends and misguided judgments found in the online gun community.

Top Gun and Firearm blogs

As the gun owners are facing with more restrictions and regulations now a day, more gun and firearm blogs are coming into play. They are gaining popularity very rapidly. There is a huge follower of the gun and firearm blogs just for the enthusiasm that many firearm owners and hunters have.

In the meantime, much the same as any enthusiastic or interested individuals or groups can make a blog around whatever it is they’re occupied with; a similar thing is occurring in the gun and firearm territory. In recent times it is a piece of cake to begin a site or blog of your own.

With such interest for more gun and firearm content on the web, we figured it would be an extraordinary plan to gather a rundown of the best blogs on the web identifying with such points. Apart from the firearm blog, you can see our rundown of top fifteen gun and firearm blogs underneath.

This blog is an incredible every day hotspot for news on the theme of weapons and guns. They include heaps of data on the lawful parts of conveying a weapon and additional things you have to know to be a protected firearm proprietor.

A few specialists are contributors to the blog on week by week premise, and they include 56 posts for every week, all things considered. There is a gadget on the correct edge of the blog that highlights a portion of the best or most prevalent posts accessible on the webpage. For any individual who claims a weapon or needs to possess a firearm for chasing or defensive reasons, this is the blog for you.

The Truth About Guns

The truth about guns

The truth about guns is an instructive blog for firearm proprietors that spotlight on both the legitimate perspectives and political parts of weapon change and encompassing subjects. They highlight articles from the two sides of the weapon contention, including the individuals who support less prohibitive firearm laws and those that need more tightly control on the utilization and offer of guns. They include firearm news with respect to late laws that have been passed that relate to the weapon business, and there are tips for seekers and firearm surveys, too. This is an exceptionally dynamic blog, with around 56 posts for each week.


This site highlights surveys of a portion of the most recent firearm models, and also heaps of exhortation and research on the most recent weapon laws. They highlight data on the SHOT show, and other weapon shows and occasions that firearm proprietors should need to go to.

You can get ammo through a portion of the links given, too. Peruse their blog and take a gander at the articles and check whether it will enable you to choose which firearm is appropriate for you. Look at the weapon shows and bookmark firearm occasions that are being arranged in your locality. The more you think about weapons and legitimate firearm possession, the more you will have the capacity to plan and ensure yourself when you require it most.

Cheaper Than Dirt

Cheaper than dirt

This blog is dedicated to offering the ideal arrangements on ammunition, weapons, and hunting gear on the web today. They include engaging and instructive sites on an assortment of weapon points that influence the firearm business. This blog obliges the genuine outdoorsman, and it highlights extend reports, reviews on firearms, and a lot of giveaways for weapon proprietors to take an interest in. There is a segment for seekers that highlights data on hunting apparatus and strategies.

Guns And Ammo

Guns and ammo

The Guns and Ammo blog includes bunches of various surveys on weapons and ammunition, data from the universe of guns, and links to look at to buy gear and ammunition. You can likewise buy into their printed copy magazine by a similar title if you wish. They center on self-preservation subjects and how to utilize firearms securely to ensure yourself and your family, as this is your second Amendment right in America. The blog is to some degree political yet just as in they engage individuals to utilize weapons admirably and for assurance or hunting purposes.

Alien Gear Holster Blog

Alien gear holster

The Alien Gear Holsters Blog is a ‘concealed carriers’ blog that spotlights on data that is important to concealed carriers. They have practical experience in offering covered convey holsters, yet they are additionally devoted to discourses about issues that influence firearm proprietors. They have a few recordings you can look at on the site and a number you can call to associate with a client benefit agent to ask about what they offer. There’s bounty to learn and investigate on this blog.

Springfield Armory

Springfield armory

The Springfield Armory is one of the biggest gun producers on the planet. They discuss a few issues on their blog that are applicable to weapon proprietors and customers of guns. One of the primary contributors of the blog is a resigned law authorization official by the name of Steve Horsman. He has many years of involvement with the utilization of guns, and he offers numerous profitable tips on the blog. The blog takes the viewpoint of engaging the person to secure themselves with the correct weapon and to utilize it decently and capable.

Reddit Firearms Forum

Reddit firearms forum

Reddit’s firearms forum is where individuals can go to impart to different individuals from the network in regards to weapon subjects. Individuals share data on sorts of firearms and also enactment that influences weapon proprietors. You should be an individual from Reddit to participate in the discussion so join this gathering if you are keen on being a piece of the guns blog and discussion gathering. You’ll be happy you did.

USA Carry

usa carry

This is another forum that offers a ton of data from individuals and site individuals about concealed carry issues in America. It was established in 2007 to give basic data that influences Americans with respect to the concealed carry laws and how you can get a concealed carry to allow, to give some examples. In the event that you are a firearm proprietor and need to take in more about what is required to carry a weapon in your state, visit this site.

It is an important forum that is accessible for any individual who is thinking about carrying a handgun. The data on this site will assist you with knowing the rules on carrying a firearm, and information where you can learn more.

Military Arms Channel

Military arms channel

Military style small arms are a vital piece of our way of life and freedom. The military arms channel commends military history and the Second Amendment rights here at Military Arms Channel. They will convey you to the range to shoot with them by means of a camera.

The military arms channel is a YouTube channel committed to the shooting network. And they will bring their watchers’ current data about guns, apparatus, and the sky is the limit from there. On this channel, they likewise review military-style guns and gears. A large portion of the ammunition utilized on the channel is given by Freedom Munitions.

Pyramyd Air

Pyramyd air

At Pyramyd Air, they cherish airgunning. And their No.1 objective is to ensure you have the correct weapon for your necessities. Regardless of whether they suggest a CO2 air gun for your child to go plinking. Or a .45 gauge air rifle that you can go up against your next wild pig chase. It’s their objective to enable you to make the most of your weapon.

They have a mission to develop the shooting network. This site will do it through the conveyance of stellar items, learning, and administration, guaranteeing well-being and ensuring boundless satisfaction. They stock Airguns from the best American, European and Asian makers. Including Air Force, Air Arms, Beeman, Beretta, BSA, Crosman, Colt. They also talk about Daisy, Evanix, Gamo, IZH, Smith and Wesson, Walther and Webley and Scott.

Giffords Law Center Blog

giffords law center

The Giffords law center blog is the only national law fixate. It concentrated on giving complete legitimate aptitude in the help of gun violence prevention. They exist since they immovably trust their cause. They believe that don’t need to live in a society where gunfire takes such a significant number of lives.

Their work incorporates: creating a point by point gun violence prevention research and examination. They record amicus briefs in basic Second Amendment cases the nation over. And working with legislators and supporters to make an advance enactment that will lessen weapon viciousness and spare lives.

Gun Digest

guns digest

Since the beginning of Gun Digest in 1944, it has turned out to be the most far-reaching guns blog accessible. Regardless of whether it’s top to bottom highlights on exemplary weapons. A field trial of the most recent and most prominent guns or far-reaching industry assets. Gun Digest gives everything a shooter needs to raise their guns IQ.

Gun digest media distributes a standout amongst the extensive firearms and shooting portfolios in the business. They address the necessities of about each firearm and shooting specialty.

GunMag Warehouse

gunmag warehouse

The GunMag Warehouse is an online destination. They want to give the ideal shopping knowledge for new and veteran shooters alike. Established in 2012 with the basic objective of keeping each magazine as of now underway, in-stock and prepared to send.

They realize that a huge in-stock magazine determination is aware inside the shooting network. And despite the fact that there is a great deal of rivalry out there. Item collection is typically the equivalent. If one retailer is out, they all are. At GunMag Warehouse, they have embarked on changing that.

The Liberal Gun Club

The Liberal Gun Club fill in as a national forum for all individuals.

They give an online option in contrast to existing Second Amendment gatherings. It enables liberal and direct perspectives to communicated and discuss effectively.

As you can observe, the gun and firearm blog space is growing at a great space. They can serve the passionate gun lovers with the latest news, reviews, and updates. The firearm blog is one of the best in that territory. They are all about firearms. With their authenticity, they have already placed themselves in a position of this list.

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