Best TV Shows for Entrepreneur


Taking the path of entrepreneurship isn’t easy. The risks are many and the chances of success are low. Therefore, becoming an entrepreneur requires lots of courage and perseverance.
So, to reach the goal you must stay focused. Therefore, entrepreneurship must be present in every aspect of your life. Even in the entertainment you choose. And there’s no better way to have fun and learn than with these 14 entrepreneur TV shows.
If you need some inspiration and want to know how the most successful entrepreneurs became rich before 30, start using your new Netflix membership and watch these shows!

Best TV Shows for Entrepreneurs

Do you want to become an entrepreneur? Great! But first you need to learn some basic entrepreneurship lessons that you won’t get in any classroom. By watching these TV shows you’ll get some good ideas to start the next millionaire business.

1. Silicon Valley


Silicon Valley tells the story of a group of young entrepreneurs who develop a revolutionary algorithm with the potential to change their lives forever. After founding a successful company, things get out of control and these young men struggle to save their business from imminent failure.

In the development of history, the characters will have to learn to live together despite their totally opposite personalities.

This series was created by Mike Judge, also creator of famous TV shows like Beavis and Butt-Head and King of the Hill. It has a total of 6 seasons and 53 episodes.

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2. Small Business Revolution


Small Business Revolution is a TV show that runs through small towns in the United States in search of those small businesses that were once the engines of local economy.

After taking a tour around the deteriorated structure, the show hosts invest a large sum of money to remodel the place to attract the visits of new customers.

Where to Watch

Deluxe, Amazon Prime

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3. Billion Dollar Buyer


In this reality TV show, Tilman Fertitta visits different small towns across the United States, in search of small businesses that can work as suppliers for his powerful hotel, restaurant and casino business.

Fertitta is one of the richest men in the United States, owner of the Landry’s restaurant franchise and the NBA’s team Houston Rockets. In the show, two different companies compete with each other to impress Fertitta and win the final prize.

Where to Watch

CNBC, Amazon Prime

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4. Planet of the Apes


In this series of 10 episodes, a group of entrepreneurs will have 60 seconds to briefly explain the purpose of their inventions. The main goal is to convince the judges to invest in their projects.

The panel of judges consists of Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba and Gary Vaynerchuk. Participants with the best ideas win a sponsorship of the judges to develop their projects.

Where to Watch

Apple TV

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5. Shark tank


Certainly, this reality TV show will elevate your entrepreneurial hopefuls. In Shark Tanks a group of entrepreneurs has a limited time to pitch their inventions to the panel of investors, known as “the sharks.”

If the idea isn’t good, the presentation is boring or the product is considered trash, the contestant must retire. However, if the idea catches the attention of any of the sharks, the contestant gets a deal.

In reality, most of the deals made in the program aren’t executed in real life. The program only represents an opportunity for many entrepreneurs to appear on TV and advertise their products and services.

Where to Watch

ABC, Netflix

IMDB Rating


6. Startup


Startup is a TV series that follows the emergence of a new cryptocurrency known as GenCoin. Overnight, the crypto becomes an unprecedented success, attracting the investments of thousands of people.

However, GenCoin hides a dark secret. From the beginning, the project was financed with laundered money from organized crime. While GenCoin becomes more popular, an FBI agent is determined to end the fraud.

Where to Watch

Sony Crackle, Amazon Prime

IMDB Rating


7. Dragons’ Den (UK)


Dragons’ Den is the series that inspired Shark Tank and other reality TV shows. During the program, a group of entrepreneurs will have a certain time to explain their inventions and try to convince investors to support their projects.

In the show, investors are known as “the dragons.” After the pitch, the dragons observe and test the product. If one of the dragons is impressed, the contestant gets a deal. If this happens, the contestant and the investor negotiate an equitable distribution of the company’s shares.

Where to Watch

BBC, BBC America

IMDB Rating


8. Better Call Saul


Better Call Saul is a prequel to the Breaking Bad series. The story revolves around Jimmy McGill, better known as Saul Goodman.

The series shows how Jimmy, an underrecognized lawyer, becomes the respected defender of criminals, Saul Goodman. Since its premiere, the series has been a total success, honoring its predecessor Breaking Bad.

It’s official that the fifth season of this series will be launched in 2020.

Where to Watch

AMC, Netflix

IMDB Rating


9. Billions


Billions has everything a series needs to be successful. Brilliant acting, memorable quotes and lots of suspense. In addition, it gives you some valuable lessons about management and investments.

The story is based on real events. Chuck Rodes, who works as a US Attorney, is determined to reveal the financial fraud committed by Bobby Axelrod, a famous billionaire who runs his own investment firm.

The series shows how Axelrod, using his intelligence and cunning for business, manages to escape from Rodes’ accusations, which makes you ask: when will this man’s good luck end?

Where to Watch

Showtime, Sky Atlantic

IMDB Rating


10. How I Made My Millions


This series tells the untold stories of ordinary people who became millionaire chasing a dream. In addition, it reveals the best kept secrets of successful entrepreneurs to turn a simple idea into a millionaire hit.

How I Made My Millions shows viewers that to become a millionaire, you just need a good idea and enough will to make it grow.

Where to Watch


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11. How to Make it in America


How to Make it in America is the story of two young men struggling to make come true their own version of the American Dream. Both dream of becoming respected figures in the fashion world. However, to achieve this, they’ll try to make their great debut on the most important catwalks in New York.

With some astuteness and the help of some contacts, Bryan and Victor manage to overcome obstacles and earn a deserved position among the most famous designers of the American fashion scene. Certainly, a story that will make your entrepreneurial heart beat.

Where to Watch

HBO, Amazon Prime

IMDB Rating


12. Dirty Money


Dirty Money shows the events behind the biggest corporate frauds in the United States. It reveals how many startups earned quick income by resorting to fraudulent methods.

The series has 6 episodes lasting one hour each. Also, Dirty Money is one of the few series to achieve a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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13. TVF Pitchers


Pitchers is a web series released through the TVFPlay streaming service. It tells the story of Naveen, a young man who quits his job at a tech company. Naveen feels betrayed by not being considered to participate in an important project.

Subsequently, Naveen receives a job offer in China. However, before boarding the plane, Naveen rethinks his priorities in life and decides to stay. Shortly after, he realizes that his start-up idea becomes a finalist in a famous contest.

That news encourages Naveen and three friends more to pursue their dreams and grow their own startup.

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14. The Profit


The Profit follows in the steps of Marcus Lemonis across the United States to find small businesses with high economic potential. The main objective of Lemonis is to promote the growth of the company by investing part of its money on it.

In return, Lemonis gets a fraction of the company’s shares. At the end of each season, Lemonis summarizes all the visited businesses, showing which generate high profits and which don’t.

The Profit gives you an honest view of the risk behind investments, showing that sometimes you can win and sometimes you can lose.

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