20 Popular Woodworking Tools Every Woodworker Should Have


Every type of woodworking business has its own set of tools. If you’re thinking about how you will start your own business and which tools are needed, you’re in the right place.

We are going to give you a woodworking tool list that contains 20 basic tools that you must have to step into the industry.

20 Popular Woodworking Tools Every Woodworker Should Have

#1. Saws

Saws are wood cutting tools that have been used for hundreds of years. They have a metal blade with sharp teeth and a wooden or plastic handle.

There are various types of saws for various cutting purposes, such as hand saws, hack saws, table saws, jigsaws, and many more.

#2. Tapes and Combination Square

Tapes and combination squares are the basic and the most common measurement tools. Tapes are used for measuring vertical or horizontal lengths. On the other hand, combination squares are great for measuring 90-or 45-degree angles.

#3. Claw Hammer

Hammers are another must-have tool in woodworking. Of the various types of hammers, Claw hammers are mostly used. One side of these types is plain for pounding nails into wood and the other side is for extracting nails from workpieces.

#4. Neil Set

A nail set is an essential joining tool. Various types of nails of different sizes are needed for joining the woods.

#5. Sliding Bevel

It is another important measurement tool. Measuring the angle before cutting a piece of wood is vital. Sliding bevels are usually used for marking and measuring the angles in the workpiece. They are made of a straight-edged blade and a wooden stalk.

#6. Power Drill

You cannot run your woodworking store without a power drill. You will need it for making holes in workpieces and fixing screws into them. There are two types of power drills – corded and cordless.

#7. Saw Horse

This is a beam of 4 legs used to support any board or timber when sawing. Modern saw horses are designed to fold for consuming space. Small saw horses are called a pony that are made of wood or steel.

#8. Power Jointer

Every woodworker wants to own a power jointer. The purpose of this tool is to flatten one face and square up the face removing wraps.

#9. Planner

A planner is a secondary tool in woodworking. If you don’t have any power jointer to square up your lumber, you can use a planner.You need this to cut wood to make furniture.

#10. Chisels & Mallet

Chisels are essential hand tools for woodworking. Not only are they used for woodcarvers but you can also clean out joints and saw cuts with them. They are made of steel and hardwood handles.

On the other hand, mallets refer to a wooden hammer needed for driving chisels or for knocking wooden pieces together. They are made of wood for reduced impact and better balance when driving chisels.

#11. Router

One of the most-needed recommended tools for every woodworker is a router. It can help you shape decorative contours on your piece of wood. You can also cut rabbets and dados with a router excellently.

Remember to buy routers with more than 2HP and consider the grip you want, one-handed or two.

#12. Drill Press

Drill or enlarge any cylindrical hole by taking the help of a drill press. It ensures exact depth and width. Modern drill presses are electric. Other operations like reaming, tapping, and counterboring are also possible with it.

#13. Layout Square

Layout squares can be needed for measuring 90 or 45-degree angles just like the combination square. You will be able to measure the center of the circle or check the flatness of your piece of wood by the layout Square.

#14. Caliper

Purchase Caliper for various applications. Measure the inner and outer diameter using a it.

#15. Sanders

You can’t sand the outside curves without it. We are recommending you to use single sanders. It is needed for better finishing the places impossible to reach. Senders are considered as the best sharpening tool in woodworking.

#16. Screwdriver set

Screwdrivers are also essential for every woodworker. Use different sizes for different screws. Tight up any screw or loosen using various screwdrivers. You better buy a set of screwdrivers, including all types and sizes of them.

#17. Moisture Meter

Monitor the moisture level of batches of lumber with it. This tool plays a vital role in the long-term success of woodworking business. Using this meter, consider how long the timber should dry. Avoid moisture meters that make holes in the timber. It should be filled later.

#18. Utility Knife

Utility knives are mostly used to make your design more accurate by cutting unwanted little edges. These knives are made of really sharp blades for final finishing in your piece of design. Sharpen your utility knife professionally before using it for a better experience.

#19. Steel Tape

Steel tapes are one of the basic measuring tools you need. 10”-12” tapes are widely used among all other tapes.These are made of steel ribbon having a width between 6 and 16mm.

#20. Safety Tools

There is no substitute for safety. Use various safety tools like hearing kits and safety glasses.

When you start your woodworking store, noise pollution could be over 85 decibels that may affect badly. Reduce the chances of hearing loss with hearing protection.

Use a dust mask to stay away from inhaling dust or airborne particles that are produced in work time.

You should use safety glasses for saving your eyes from splashes and dust.

If you own all of these tools in this woodworking tool list, you can start your own business. You may also need some other small tools for a finishing touch of your piece of wood that you can find nearby your hand.

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